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Emily Houchen-Wise, MD

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Board Eligible: American Board of Pediatrics
Education: MD – Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR
Pediatric Internship: Oregon Health & Science University Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Portland, OR
Pediatric Residency: Oregon Health & Science University Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Portland, OR

I strongly recommend fully vaccinating kids against preventable diseases on the schedule approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). I do not support nonmedical vaccine exemptions.

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Care Philosophy

I enjoy building strong relationships with families and working with them to help my patients grow and thrive. My role includes guidance through health issues, preventive care, and supporting emotional health and wellness.”

– Emily Houchen-Wise, MD


Long fascinated by how people think and interact with the world and each other, Dr. Houchen-Wise was initially drawn to the field of psychology. As a psychology major, her coursework included several science classes, which she really enjoyed as well. Eventually she found her way into medicine – the perfect blend of science and psychology – and never looked back.

Before entering medical school, Dr. Houchen-Wise worked as a caregiver in the dementia unit of an assisted living facility. Although her job was challenging, working closely with the residents and their families and getting to know them over time was incredibly rewarding. Dr. Houchen-Wise knew then that she wanted a career in primary care, where she would have the opportunity to build warm, lasting relationships with families.

During medical school, Dr. Houchen-Wise fell for pediatrics while learning about child development and preventive care. Kids are incredibly resilient and bright, and she really enjoyed working with them and their families toward the mutual goal of happy, healthy children. That feeling is still going strong today.

In her current work, Dr. Houchen-Wise gets excited about helping the next generation be as healthy as possible! She has a passion for preventive health care and loves engaging in conversations about healthy eating, exercise, mental well-being/mindfulness, and immunizations. She enjoys the process of joint decision making with parents of younger kids and later, working directly with teens as they transition to making their own medical decisions. Every relationship Dr. Houchen-Wise cultivates is built on three hallmark qualities: compassion, good listening, and open communication. She looks forward to seeing her patients and their families grow up and thrive with each passing year!

Born and raised in Portland, Dr. Houchen-Wise has a strong connection with Oregon and is an avid Duck fan. On her days off, she loves spending time with (and spoiling) her niece and nephew. She also has a soft spot for her furry roommate, cat George. Other favorite pastimes include baking desserts, distance running, and traveling.

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Please AVOID wearing masks with a valve or vent.

These types of masks do not prevent COVID-19 from spreading to

others. If you visit Metropolitan Pediatrics wearing one, we will

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All clinic visitors (age 2+) must wear a face mask or cloth face covering AT ALL TIMES while inside Metropolitan Pediatrics.