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Pediatric Nurse Practitioner + Lactation Consultant

Irma Sulejmanović-Bordeaux, ARNP, IBCLC

Office Location(s):
Happy Valley – Sunnyside
English, German, Bosnian

Board Certification: American Nurses Credentialing Center
Lactation Certification (IBCLC): International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners
Education: ARNP – University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE

Care Philosophy

I strongly believe in advocating for our children and making their health a top priority. As a pediatric nurse practitioner, I support holistic health, which includes the physical, psychological, and social needs of a child. I enjoy collaborating with parents and caregivers to make this possible.”

– Irma Sulejmanović-Bordeaux, ARNP, IBCLC


Irma is a board-certified pediatric nurse practitioner (PNP) specializing in primary care. Previous to being a PNP, Irma was an RN who cared for children hospitalized with acute illnesses and children with medically complex problems. She decided to become a PNP to offer evidence-based preventive healthcare. She now has a decade of experience as a PNP and enjoys being part of children’s health journey as they grow into healthy adults.

Growing up in Germany, Irma remembers writing down “Krankenschwester,” or nurse, as her future career goal in her second-grade journal. Ever since then, she has set out to build the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill her dream.

As the oldest of four kids, Irma feels like she was practically born with the ability to care for children – “It’s just always been there!” As time went on, she found herself drawn to healthcare because of her homegrown interests in caregiving and community service. For her, the most rewarding part of practicing medicine is getting to know families and establishing long-term relationships. She especially enjoys seeing children grow up into healthy young adults.

Aside from her love of general pediatric health, Irma has special interests in breastfeeding, plant-based nutrition, obesity, mental health, adolescent health, chronic health, child abuse and neglect, and HIV/AIDS. After experiencing breastfeeding struggles as a first-time mom and later moving to a community with very little lactation support, Irma took it upon herself to become an internationally board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC). She looks forward to continuing to help many more families experience breastfeeding success!

A former refugee from Bosnia and Herzegovina (formerly Yugoslavia), a country that suffered a genocidal civil war, Irma has lived all over Europe – first Hungary, then Denmark, and finally Germany – before landing in the United States. She strongly believes that her childhood hardships have shaped her into a very resilient, hardworking adult. She’s also trilingual (Bosnian, German, and English) because of her experiences growing up.

Over the weekends, Irma throws down in the kitchen, meal prepping her family’s lunches and dinners for the upcoming week. She has been doing this for a few years now and enjoys having more weeknight family time with her husband, two children (a school-age son and daughter added to the family in 2022), and dog (a Bichon Frise) in return. She considers herself a bit of a health food nerd because she enjoys creating and discovering plant-based meals while listening to healthcare providers discuss nutrition and how it impacts our health. Among her favorite topics are gastroenterology and our gut microbiome! In addition to cooking and quality family time, Irma unwinds by going for a run, practicing yoga, or hiking.

Care Services

Hospital Privileges

Providence Portland Medical Center, Portland

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