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Behavioral Health Clinician

Eryn Remington, LCSW

Office Location(s):

Licensure: Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers
Education: MSW – Walla Walla University, Walla Walla, WA
Internships: Hillsboro School District, Hillsboro, OR & Wolf Pack Consulting and Therapeutic Services, LLC, Beaverton, OR

Care Philosophy

We all have so many parts to us that drive how we interact with the world; our relationships, the environment in which we live, our physical actions, and our philosophies about our world. It is my role to collaborate with children and their families to understand their unique stories and to help them achieve their individual goals for continued resilience and increased well-being throughout the various stages of their lives.”

– Eryn Remington, LCSW


Before becoming a social worker, Eryn was a certified veterinary technician for more than 25 years. It was there that she learned the value of service, compassion, understanding, and listening, plus something unexpected: She enjoyed working with people more than with their pets! After contemplating for many years and raising her children, Eryn finally caved and went back to school for a Master of Social Work.

During grad school, Eryn interned with Hillsboro School District at an elementary school, and then at a community health organization as a child and family therapist. Working in community health made a lasting impact on her as it revealed the immense need for greater emphasis on emotional validation and mental health services for children and their families. After graduating, Eryn worked with hospice and palliative care patients of all ages. This work taught her about the importance of patient-centered care, listening to the needs of the individual, and the role of autonomy and empowerment in helping people live their best lives. Although this was meaningful and rewarding work, she couldn’t resist the call to work with children and families once again.

As a pediatric behavioral health clinician, Eryn happily combines her medical knowledge, mental health experience, and love of working with children into one. She enjoys building relationships, allowing each child to have a voice, and being an advocate for their success. She admires children’s views about the world and how they approach life with curiosity, wonderment, and imagination. Eryn points out that we can learn so much from children about using a growth mindset, being flexible, and how to be creative. She feels deeply honored to trespass into children’s lives to help them understand their needs and achieve their goals every day.

Eryn has always had a professional interest in attachment theory and the ways to support people in their interpersonal relationships. By providing psychoeducation, modeling, skills, and resources, she helps parents create important connections and bonds to ensure their child makes healthy relationships with others in the future.

On a personal note, family means the world to Eryn. She has two kids of her own and two bonus daughters through marriage. Along with her human family, she lives with three pampered housecats who enjoy watching “Cat TV” on the big screen, a frog, and many tropical fish. In her spare time, she loves to travel and be in the great outdoors hiking, kayaking, and exploring new landscapes. She is a native Oregonian and, despite visiting many places in the world, she still feels like the Pacific Northwest is heaven on earth!

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