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Beau Weill, MD

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Board Certification: American Board of Pediatrics
Education: MD – Albany Medical College, Albany, NY
Pediatric Internship: Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR
Pediatric Residency: Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR

Care Philosophy

I care for infants, children, and adolescents while placing special emphasis on their immediate environment. I believe that every child’s health is a reflection of their surroundings. A child’s family is his or her most important influence. In addition to family, I place special focus on the dietary and physical environment of every child I see. I find it an honor to care for the children who are my patients, and I strive to create a unique relationship with each child and family in my practice. My greatest goal is to provide the best care to children as I watch them develop into healthy and active individuals."

– Beau Weill, MD


Beginning his professional life as a research scientist in Boston, Dr. Weill never expected that volunteering at a nearby hospital would change the course of his career. It all started because of his interest in medicine, but inspiration struck one fateful evening when he was asked to transport a 4-year-old boy for overnight observation. He could tell the boy was frightened about staying in a strange place, but he was brave because he needed to be. In that moment, Dr. Weill realized there is no better motivation than the care of a child. And so he continued to volunteer in his spare time, overseeing children at a homeless shelter while their mothers took a much needed rest. This experience strengthened his desire to work with kids, and ultimately led him to enroll in medical school.

As a med student, Dr. Weill gravitated toward children in all subspecialties and truly found his calling in pediatrics. He went on to complete his residency at Oregon Health & Science University, where he served as chief resident and founded a clinic that specialized in the care of overweight and obese children.

Working as a pediatrician, Dr. Weill is thrilled to become an integral part of his patients’ upbringing. Parents honor him every day by entrusting the care of those most precious to them. He loves watching his patients travel through life and develop into wonderful individuals. He sees himself as part of the team of people who care for the child, supporting parents as they oversee and guide development.

Dr. Weill is often accused of being full of trivia, loves all things outdoors, and has a keen sense of adventure – he’s traveled to more than twenty different countries! He’s always working toward a new fitness goal and is fond of sailing whenever he has the opportunity. His wife and twins are very dear to him, and they enjoy being active together as a family – hiking, camping, or just relaxing in the park!

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