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Rachel Manzo, MD

Office Location(s):
English, Spanish

Board Certification: American Board of Pediatrics
Education: MD – University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson, Tucson, AZ
Pediatric Internship: University of Arizona Affiliated Hospitals Pediatric Residency, Tucson, AZ
Pediatric Residency: University of Arizona Affiliated Hospitals Pediatric Residency, Tucson, AZ

Care Philosophy

It is such a privilege to become, as a pediatrician, an intimate part of a family’s journey. My hope, in caring for your child, is to combine personalized, compassionate medical care with evidence-based medicine. I am an empathic, energetic person committed to advocating for my patients’ medical and emotional needs during every office visit and also on a community level.”

– Rachel Manzo, MD


From the time she was little, Dr. Manzo’s physician mother inspired her to think critically every day, to always treat people with humility and respect, and to pursue her future dream of becoming a doctor. And so, following in mom’s footsteps, she made her way to medical school.

During school, Dr. Manzo was repeatedly struck by the miraculous nature of child development. Watching a new baby enter the world, develop at lightning speed during childhood, and then mature into a young adult is an unparalleled experience! To become an intimate part of a child and family’s life and journey is such a special privilege – it’s the reason she chose pediatrics as her specialty.

Raising a child can be the defining experience of a parent’s life. To share in this experience and have the opportunity to make a difference – by providing guidance, compassionate and excellent medical care, and reassurance when needed – inspires Dr. Manzo to be the very best doctor and advocate possible. Whether a family is caring for an infant struggling to breastfeed, a toddler with temper tantrums, a little girl with asthma, or a child with a chronic medical condition or terminal illness, parenthood can be quite an adventure. Throughout all the joys and challenges that arise, Dr. Manzo looks forward to building one-of-a-kind relationships with kids and families as they navigate this incredible journey together.

Every time Dr. Manzo walks into an exam room, she’s filled with wonder and awe – so much change occurs between visits, it’s like greeting a new child! She’s intrigued by how kids view the world and why they think and say the things that they do. Her mind welcomes the daily challenges of caring for children across the pediatric age spectrum. The vast differences among the bodies and brains of infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents test her knowledge and skills, keeping her on her toes. And even the hardest days at work hold the promise of making a positive difference in the trajectories of children’s lives, which renews her passion and spirit!

A parent herself, Dr. Manzo understands the challenges of raising healthy, resilient children. Despite the learning curves and worries that come with the territory, motherhood is the most joyful experience of her life – nothing compares to witnessing her children’s daily victories and struggles; daily likes and dislikes; and all the new things that they learn, see, and discover every day. As a pediatrician, she feels so privileged to be able to experience some of these things vicariously through her patients and their families too!

To relax and recharge, Dr. Manzo surrounds herself with nature and fresh air. She loves spending time outdoors with her husband, daughters, and two dogs (Alfred & Sophie). As a family, they go on daily runs, play in the sandbox or grass, blow bubbles, ride bikes, splash around in the water, hike, and much more. Their favorite hiking trip to date: the Grand Canyon rim to rim, a 48-mile trek over three days! Although the trip took place pre-kids, many more hiking adventures are on the horizon for this active, nature-loving family.

Other ways Dr. Manzo unwinds include reading (she’s into fiction and fantasy), cooking (things like homemade pizzas, Indian cuisine, enchiladas, and posole), and playing classical music (she’s played violin since the age of five and also knows how to fiddle). In college, she joined a mariachi band called Los Parangaricutirimicuaros, which is how she met her guitar-playing husband. She also has a deep affection for popcorn and admits to eating a big bowl almost every night.

Not one to sit idly by, Dr. Manzo is passionate about social justice and committed to doing her part to make sure that all kids – regardless of socioeconomic status, race, or background – have access to high-quality, compassionate medical care. She’s a champion of equality and actively participates in initiatives to bring about social change.

Also worthy of note: Dr. Manzo is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish fluently.