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Jenny Malcom, MD

*Relocating to Bridgeport Office in June 2019*

Board Certified: American Board of Pediatrics
Education: MD – Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR
Dietetic Internship: Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA
Pediatric Residency: Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR

Care Philosophy

Taking care of infants, children, and adolescents is an incredible honor and privilege. Children are insightful, honest, and funny; I can think of nothing that makes me happier or more fulfilled than ensuring their general health and well-being. As a pediatrician, I believe in a team approach to health care, with parents and children being an integral part of the decision-making process. I strive to empower families with compassionate recommendations for physical and emotional health based on the most current medical evidence. My goal is to help kids grow and thrive in their environment and to give them the best chance at being happy, healthy adults."

– Jenny Malcom, MD


In her early professional years, Dr. Malcom happily worked as a registered dietitian. Although she loved being a dietitian, she couldn’t resist the call to become a doctor – she wanted to do so much more! So she took the plunge and enrolled in medical school.

Three years later, medical school rotations introduced her to pediatrics, and the decision was clear: Pediatrics made her so happy! Despite the grueling hours, she looked forward to coming to work every day.

What most excites Dr. Malcom about working with children is the possibility of making a difference in their lives, whether it’s encouraging healthy habits early-on or being a listening ear for a teenager. Simply put, she just loves kids – they’re why she gets up in the morning!

As a new mom, Dr. Malcom’s love for children only continues to grow. She can’t stop talking about her daughter and honestly can’t remember what she talked about before! Dr. Malcom freely admits that motherhood has opened her eyes to a lot of the things parents of her patients go through, and it has definitely helped her become more empathetic.

When not seeing patients, you will find Dr. Malcom in the company of her family and great dane. They love to camp, hike, travel, and spend time working on their old home built in 1900. In quiet moments, Dr. Malcom enjoys sipping tea while reading a great book! But the quiet never lasts for long, as her home often erupts in song and her past as a high school choir nerd reveals itself.

Dr. Malcom was born in Switzerland and moved to Oregon during middle school. She is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish.


"We love Metro! Our first pediatrician was a nightmare (and that's being kind). Their office was in the same parking lot, so it was an easy decision to switch. Metro was an absolute breath of fresh air. We love Dr. Malcolm and all staff. Our daughter is complicated, and it feels great to have competent and compassionate medical care that is so very close to home. Dr. Malcolm saw our daughter before her liver transplant, and now cares for her post-transplant with a holistic approach. She has referred us to OT, speech therapy, dermatology, you name it. They even called us while we were in-patient at our transplant center to send us love and check on our daughter. Because my daughter is a bit more involved, we also work with nurse Karen so we are proactive for flu/cold season. Thankfully, with our partnership with Metro, our daughter has been very healthy post-transplant.

After switching to Metro, I found out my co-worker takes her daughter to Dr. Sari in the same office, and drives all the way from Oregon City to see her. Everyone in the office is excellent.

We are planning to have one more child in a few years, and I'm glad we will already have a great relationship with them. It will make me feel much better knowing we have quality care lined up, especially after our experience with our daughter."

– Kallie C.

"Dr Malcolm is just wonderful and patient and thorough. The staff in general is wonderful as well!"

– Heather E.
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