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Canine Comfort Champ

Winnie Major

Office Location(s):
Happy Valley – Johnson Creek

Care Philosophy

Therapy and healing comes in many forms, and that unconditional love, support, and the quiet presence of someone who will truly sit with you in every moment of your healing can be the most meaningful. Having the presence of a dog who doesn't need you to be anything other that what you are, where you are....that is real therapy and true love."

– Winnie Major


Winnie is a three year old yellow Labrador retriever who was hand-picked and trained to be a Hospital Facility Dog by Assistance Dogs of Hawaii. A Facility Dog is trained at the level of a service dog or guide dog, and works full-time with a clinician at one hospital or clinic.

She graduated at just over one year old, and then worked with Dr. Wendi Major for two years at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children in Honolulu, Hawaii where she was a Pediatric Psychologist. Assistance Dogs of Hawaii opened a second campus, Assistance Dogs Northwest in 2016 and several of Winnie’s brothers already live and work here – two live right here in Portland (one is also a facility dog, the other is a service dog). Winnie knows approximately 80 commands, although her favorite is “snuggle.”

Winnie’s temperament is loving, mellow, endlessly kind and patient. She adores children of all ages. If she hears a child crying, she instinctively moves towards them to provide comfort.

When she is not working, Winnie likes to go on hikes, swim, and in Hawaii she likes to surf. She has never met a bed that she doesn’t like to nap on, and is a lover not a fighter…she is the world’s worst guard dog. She enjoys belly rubs, and often wants to hold hands or lay on your feet.

People love to follow her on Social Media – she is on Facebook (Winnie Major) and Instagram (Winnie_Major)

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