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Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Sherry Sweeney, PNP

Board Certification: Pediatric Nursing Certification Board
Education: PNP – University of Missouri, Columbia, MO

Care Philosophy

I provide comprehensive health care on an individualized basis, empowering patients and families with knowledge about development, healthy lifestyles, and illnesses by providing relevant education at each visit."

– Sherry Sweeney, PNP


With a past dedicated to caring for families affected by cancer and blood disorders, Sherry knows that the level of care and attention she gives patients can make even their darkest day a bit brighter. A good listener, patient education advocate, and problem solver, you can count on her to always provide the highest standard of care and compassion!

Sherry’s early days as a pediatric hematology/oncology nurse are evident in the gentle care and guidance she offers today. She has a profound appreciation for children’s health and well-being, and gets excited to see patients and families make healthy choices! One of the hallmarks of her approach to patient care is educating and involving family members in health decisions and goals. Her hope is that patients continue to lead a healthy lifestyle long after they leave her care. She also enjoys solving problems and brainstorming ways to work through tough situations, which has served her well both personally and professionally.

In addition to helping families grow up happy and healthy, Sherry is passionate about teaching other clinical staff, striving to make everyone the best caregiver they can be. She believes there’s always room for improvement, and enjoys developing solutions to enhance patient care. Past accomplishments include starting a lactation department and helping launch a Healthy Lifestyles Clinic.

Sherry has a can-do attitude and drive to be more, know more, and do more – she credits her inquisitive nature with inspiring her to become a pediatric nurse practitioner. Although she wouldn’t trade her past, she is delighted to have the opportunity to care for patients not only in sickness, but also in health. Watching children grow is such a pleasure and blessing, and creating lasting relationships with families is one of the most meaningful parts of her job!

Still a kid on the inside, Sherry enjoys paintballing and navigating aerial obstacle courses. She tends to go a bit overboard with holiday decorating, but no one can accuse her of being a Grinch! Her favorite travel destination includes the ocean, sand in her toes, and her children’s company. When in need of some snuggles, she finds willing participants in her three cats.

FUN FACT: Sherry was a gymnast as a youth, and went on to coach for five years!


"I went to Metropolitan Pediatrics for the first time yesterday and had the pleasure of working with the NP Sherrie Sweeney and the Social Worker Chelsea Kaye who were both very attentive and addressed my concerns with my daughter with respect and professional compassion. I left the office knowing I had come to the right place and we would be getting the help that we desperately needed. I highly recommend this office and especially Sherrie Sweeney and her colleague Chelsea Kaye."

– Trina C.

"We are new to Oregon and finding quality primary care for our daughter has definitely been a challenge over the course of her 5 years, given her medical diagnoses. I felt that our first appointment was a success, as we were given an appointment immediately and that the nurse practitioner, Sheri, was thorough in reviewing our child's history and extremely competent in addressing the immediate medical concern for which we visited, as well as in recommending doctors who will best suit our child's needs. the office allows meet and greet opportunities with its physicians and I am looking forward to establishing routine care for our child here. the staff was friendly and conscientious towards our child's sensory sensitivities. a wonderful experience as a new patient!"

– Tara T.

"Dr Moshofsky and nurse Sweeney are both incredibly considerate and observant. They take time to really listen to patient and parent. They explain to kids the importance of doing things to maintain health, such as brushing teeth and eating vegetables, in a way that impresses them to actually comply much more than they would for just the parent! We have really appreciated working with such a great medical team."

– Kristin K.
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