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Pediatric Psychologist

Kate Raineri, PsyD

Office Location(s):
NW Portland

Licensure: Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiners
Education: PsyD – Pacific University School of Professional Psychology, Hillsboro, OR
Internship: National Psychology Training Consortium: HealthPoint Primary Care, Seattle, WA
Residency & Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Childhood Health Associates of Salem, Salem, OR

Care Philosophy

It’s an honor to be invited into a child’s life and to work closely with families. I strive to identify a child’s strengths and work in partnership with the medical team to assist children in reaching their full potential.”

– Kate Raineri, PsyD


In the midst of becoming an elementary school teacher, Dr. Raineri met a little boy who would change the course of her career. Sadly, his behaviors could not be managed in the classroom, and the teacher repeatedly had to send him to the principal’s office. Dr. Raineri desperately wanted to help him, but realized that she couldn’t within the confines of a classroom. Soon after this experience, she made the decision to transition to pediatric clinical psychology, so that she could truly make a difference for kids who need additional support. Today, Dr. Raineri enjoys working with schools on behalf of her patients, and does so with appreciation and understanding, knowing firsthand the inherent challenges educators may face.

Dr. Raineri now welcomes the opportunity to help kids reach their full potential and thrive. She is continually inspired by children’s resiliency and awed by all the learning that takes place from visit to visit. At the end of each day – even the challenging ones – she knows that her work is helping a new generation, shaping the future, and bringing about positive changes in young people’s lives.

A self-described music lover, Dr. Raineri is not only a dedicated listener (of all genres), but also an accomplished player. She was in All-State Orchestra in high school for violin, and now shares her musical passion with her son, teaching him to play. She’s also pretty good at turning out melodies on the piano! For her, music captures emotions in a way that words simply cannot and has always been a positive presence in her life.

Other things that speak to Dr. Raineri include color-coordinated closets, chai tea (she says she can’t make it through the day without one!), and decorating for holidays – even the small ones! No matter where she goes or what she has going on, she can always be found by following the music!

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