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Pediatric Social Worker

Jenny Williams, LCSW

Office Location(s):
Happy Valley – Sunnyside

Licensure: Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers
Education: MSW – University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia
Internship: Barrow County School District, Winder, Georgia

Care Philosophy

I enjoy having the opportunity to work with our pediatricians and care for their patients. The patients and their families have tremendous resiliency, and it’s a privilege to be allowed to know them. I think all families have strengths and look for opportunities to build on what is already in place. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs we will ever have! It’s my goal that families feel heard, know they aren’t alone, and hopefully learn some new tools to make life a little easier."

– Jenny Williams, LCSW


In the company of children is where Jenny feels most at home. From the time she was small, she knew her path would one day lead to working with kids, but she wasn’t sure in what capacity. Initially she pursued a teaching degree, but quickly realized that kids don’t live in a bubble. Many factors beyond education influence the people we become! Jenny feels the biggest impact she can make in a child’s life comes not only from working individually with the child, but by supporting his or her family as well. Healthy, happy families nurture healthy, happy children!

Outside Metropolitan Pediatrics, Jenny enjoys quality time with her husband, daughter, and excessively curious cat. When the rare opportunity presents itself, Jenny likes to read, but considers herself more of a book collector these days (seriously… who has the time to read?). She also enjoys going to the movies, cooking, and updating her home (translation: convincing her husband to update their home based on her instructions). Everyone who knows Jenny knows her for her ability to find the positive in every situation and her susceptibility to laughter.

New Patients

Thank you for choosing Metropolitan Pediatrics as your child’s Medical Home! Our physicians and staff are pleased to have the opportunity to build a relationship with you, your child, and family.

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