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How to Make the Grade When It Comes to School Lunches

“I had pizza.”
“I don’t like school lunch.”
“I didn’t eat lunch.”

Do these words sound familiar?

As parents, you want your kids to eat healthy foods, yet this goal becomes difficult when nearly a quarter of their meals are eaten at school. Fortunately, you can approach the issue with your child, and together you both can learn how to make healthy school lunch choices.


Talk with your child about the importance of lunch for the brain and body. This may be a helpful discussion for busy parents as well!

Make a Plan

Planning ahead for lunch obstacles can save kids from temptation in the lunch line.

  • Read the school lunch menu the night before, and make a healthy choice together.
  • Choose a day to eat from the salad bar.
  • Allow your child to pick a “fun day” to have foods like pizza and hot dogs.

Aim for the Plate

Regardless if your child packs a lunch or buys a lunch, challenge him or her to make their lunch look like the USDA’s MyPlate model.

For more information on how to make your child’s lunch healthy, and for more information on the USDA’s MyPlate, visit www.fns.usda.gov/school-meals/school-day-just-got-healthier-parents.