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Behavioral Health Clinician

Jaynita Kumar, LPC, NCC

Office Location(s):
NW Portland

Licensure: Board of Licensed Professionals and Therapists (LPC) & National Board for Certified Counselors (NCC)
Education: MA – Lewis & Clark Graduate School, Portland, OR
Internship: Project Network (PNET) at LifeWorks, Portland, OR, Concordia University, Portland, OR & The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center, Portland, OR

Care Philosophy

As a therapist, I strive to create a safe, encouraging, and supportive environment for children and their families. I encourage them to live authentically in a lifestyle that aligns with their core values, needs, and wellbeing. This often leads to developing relevant and meaningful therapeutic goals in collaboration with my patients, where I’m able to support and challenge them through achieving their goals.”

– Jaynita Kumar, LPC, NCC


At 10 years old, Jaynita immigrated to the United States from the Islands of Fiji. Aside from the cultural stock of moving here, she vividly remembers the important school counselors who helped her adjust to this huge life change. They didn’t just help her settle in; they inspired her to pursue a career in counseling.

As an introvert, Jaynita (actually) enjoys talking to people once trust is built, and rapport building is one of her favorite parts of being a behavioral health clinician. For the past five years, she has worked in the school system, learning so much from her “little humans with big feelings.” She enjoys navigating children’s social and emotional troubles, aiming to see the world or issue through their lens, and communicating the support needed to the adults.

As a therapist, Jaynita adjusts her care style to meet each child’s and family’s unique needs. She uses an integrative approach, or a combination of strategies, including Person-Centered, Strengths-Based, and Cognitive Behavioral therapy to help patients achieve their goals. She believes that every individual is doing the best they can in their current position, using the tools that were given to them. Often, people seek therapy for their current problem as it becomes overwhelming for them, and they desire a safe space to process and create ways to solve the problem. Jaynita looks forward to helping patients cultivate the validation they need to heal, grow, and learn from their changing circumstances, life experiences, and choices.

Jaynita values the diversity of human experiences, as cultural context plays an important role in the therapeutic process. In other words, our individual cultural experiences shape our individual narratives and worldview, and these perspectives are important for understanding human behavior.

In Jaynita’s spare time, she enjoys growing plants and naming them after Disney villains. This interest doubles as a great conversation starter with her little friends when they visit her office. Additionally, she loves baking and cooking, but mostly eating.

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