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Virtual Care

We’re Here for You, Virtually & in Person

Video visit with us today from the safety and comfort of your home. Pajamas and pet cameos welcome!

How does virtual care work?

Call any Metropolitan Pediatrics location to schedule a video visit.

Most visit types can be done virtually, including sick visits, medication checks, rechecks, behavioral health, lactation support, meet & greets, and more! Not sure if your child’s needs can be met with a video visit? Just ask!

On the day of your visit:

  1. Registration will call to check you in for your appointment.
  2. They will give you instructions on which forms to fill out, if any.
  3. Closer to your visit time, our team will call to go over forms, why you are seeking care, and review your child’s medications and allergies.
  4. They will help get you into the virtual waiting room, where you will wait for your provider.
  5. When ready, the provider will admit you from the waiting room and perform the visit.

NOTE: For well care, you will also be scheduled for a time to come into one of our clinics for any exam, screening tests, or vaccinations needed.

Does my health plan cover virtual care?

Most health plans, including Oregon Health Plan (OHP), cover video visits the same way they cover in-person visits with your provider. If a copay applies for your visit, we will collect it over the phone during the check-in process.

Is my information safe with Zoom?

Metropolitan Pediatrics is committed to ensuring that your personal health information is safe and secure. We use Zoom for Telehealth, a HIPAA-compliant version of the video conferencing software. This product comes with enhanced security features, including encryption of all visit data and chat messages, provider-specific waiting rooms that give us control over who is admitted to a video visit, and unique provider passwords for added protection. We stay current with the latest security updates from Zoom and keep an eye on any additional safety features we can enable on our account.

Metropolitan Pediatrics does not record video visits.

Tips for a Great Video Visit

  • Use a computer or device with a camera and microphone. Zoom functions best on these browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Chromium Edge. You can test Zoom before your visit to make sure your audio, video, and internet connection are good to go!
  • For the best mobile experience, please download the free Zoom app (ZOOM Cloud Meetings) on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Choose a visit setting with good lighting that’s as quiet and distraction-free as possible in your home. We’ll roll with any unexpected appearances!
  • Tools to have on-hand for your visit: a thermometer, flashlight, and your child’s weight (or a scale).
  • Be prepared to provide hands-on assistance. We might ask you to give us a better visual on something, push on your child’s belly, or check their temperature, among other touch-oriented tasks.
  • Make the most of your virtual visit! Ask us questions, introduce a pet, or have your child show off some artwork. It helps kids relax and feel comfortable and is a special perk of virtual visits for us!

Provider Waiting Rooms

Enter the virtual waiting room by clicking your provider’s image below. Zoom will ask for a password, which our team will give you over the phone. From here, the provider will admit you into the video visit.

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