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Meet Our Docs: Aishwarya Deenadayalu, MD

Video biography featuring: Aishwarya Deenadayalu – Metropolitan Pediatrics

Meet Our Docs: Ellen Cooper, MD

Video biography featuring: Ellen Cooper, MD – Metropolitan Pediatrics

Meet Our Docs: Deidré Burton, MD

Video biography featuring: Deidré Burton, MD – Metropolitan Pediatrics

Meet Our Docs: Allison Baynham, MD

Video biography featuring: Allison Baynham, MD – Metropolitan Pediatrics

MORE Good Day Oregon: Picky Eating

Every parent wonders if their child is eating enough, getting what he or she needs nutritionally, and growing okay. In... Read more ›

MORE Good Day Oregon: Comfort Promise

In this segment, Drs. Jenny Malcom and Catherine McClellan talk about our Comfort Promise, or all of the ways our... Read more ›

Top 5 Tips for Successful Breastfeeding

Hello there! My name is Irma Sulejmanović-Bordeaux, and I am a pediatric nurse practitioner and board-certified lactation consultant new to... Read more ›

Ask Dr. Doug: Tongue Tie

Q: I am having so much trouble with breastfeeding. She’s our second, and feeding is painful and very different from... Read more ›

Ask Dr. Doug: Preventing Measles in Little Ones

Q: The outbreak of measles in Clark County has me feeling terrified about taking my child into public spaces where... Read more ›

Ask Dr. Doug: Play It Safe with Concussions

Q: My son plays soccer, and I worry all the time about concussions. I understand that there are some new... Read more ›

Ask Dr. Doug: Missing Sweet Slumber

Q: We recently had our first baby, and while those first weeks were hard, she was sleeping for five- to... Read more ›

Ask Dr. Doug: Positive Parenting

Q: I recently read online that the American Academy of Pediatrics now strongly recommends against spanking. My parents are always... Read more ›

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