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Helping kids and families lead happy, healthy lives is our passion!

Read on for new and exciting things taking place in our practice, expert advice and insights, practical parenting ideas, and MORE…

  • Ask Dr. Doug: The All-Too-Common Cold

    As seen in: Q: My child started preschool this year, and it seems like he’s constantly sick. What do you think about over-the-counter remedies for kids with colds? Do any of them actually work? Or do we have no choice, but … Continue reading

  • Ask Dr. Doug: Eczema, the Itch That Rashes

    As seen in: Q: My 9-month-old baby has pretty bad eczema. Is it painful? She seems to be scratching all the time, even at night when she’s trying to fall asleep. Is there anything I can do to make this better? … Continue reading

  • Ask Dr. Doug: Typical Toddler Behavior or ADHD?

    As seen in: Q: We have a very rambunctious 3-year-old. I know that’s pretty normal for this age, but he doesn’t seem able to really focus on things, even bedtime stories. I’m wondering whether there are any early warning signs … Continue reading

  • Seeking Full-time Pediatric Provider

    Metropolitan Pediatrics, a 5 Star Medical Home serving Portland and surrounding communities, is seeking a passionate and enthusiastic board-certified/board-eligible pediatrician or nurse practitioner for our growing practice family! With multiple locations featuring 30+ providers and a staff of more than … Continue reading

  • Metropolitan Pediatrics is FLU ready!

    Flu season is on its way, and we want to help you get ready! Vaccination helps limit the chance of your child getting the flu and is known to greatly reduce the length and impact of flu symptoms if they … Continue reading

  • Ask Dr. Doug: Food Allergies & School

    As seen in: Q: My child has a severe peanut allergy, and I’m nervous about leaving her with caregivers, like her teachers, when she starts kindergarten next year. Can you offer any suggestions for talking with people about how to … Continue reading

  • Confirmed Case of Measles in Portland-area Traveler

    8/21/18 Update The Oregon Health Authority confirmed a second, related case in the Portland metro area. If you crossed paths, you may have been exposed: Aug. 17, Portland International Airport, 9:15-10:45 p.m. Aug. 18, Marco’s Café and Espresso Bar, 7910 … Continue reading

  • Air Quality Advisory for Portland Metro Area & SW Washington

    With wildfires blazing in nearly every direction, local air conditions have now reached unhealthy levels for everyone. Yesterday the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and the Southwest Clean Air Agency issued an air quality advisory for the Portland metro area … Continue reading

  • MORE Good Day Oregon: Resilience

    In this segment, Dr. Kristan Collins discusses resilience and how this ability helps kids (and adults!) bounce back from challenges

  • Confirmed Case of Measles in Gresham

    7/13/18 Update A third case of measles was confirmed in Multnomah County today. There’s a possible related case in Clark County, but it’s still under investigation. If you’re concerned that your child may have been exposed, please contact our offices … Continue reading

  • Oregon’s Rising Suicide Rate

    Last week – tragically timed between the high-profile suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain – the CDC released a report examining suicide rates across the nation. Sadly, in nearly every state, suicide rates are on the rise, with Oregon … Continue reading

  • Go Screen-Free! 4/30 – 5/6

    International Screen-Free Week starts today! Think you can make it 7 WHOLE DAYS without digital devices?! Realistically, we know most people won’t stay unplugged the entire time, but we can all make an effort to decrease the amount of screen … Continue reading

  • Dr. Hartman’s Departure

    Dear Patients & Families, In case we have not reached you by mail or MyHealth, we wanted to share that Dr. Shelley Hartman is leaving Metropolitan Pediatrics. Her daughter is off to college this fall, offering an exciting opportunity to … Continue reading

  • What about Juice?

    Say NO to Juice In addition to avoiding soda and fruit drinks, our pediatricians recommend avoiding all juice — even 100% juice. Juice, soda, and fruit drinks all contribute extra sugar and calories. They can also lead to cavities. Say … Continue reading

  • MORE Good Day Oregon: Autism

    In this segment, in honor of Autism Awareness Month, pediatric psychologist Dr. Ryan Lloyd discusses the ABCs of autism –

  • Pea Protein: An Alternative Protein Source for Vegetarians

    Plant-based protein sources for vegetarians typically include soy, legumes, beans, grains, and nuts. From meat substitutes to dairy alternatives, products made with plant-based protein have increased in the past decade and are expected to take a third of the protein … Continue reading

  • Tips to Help Your Child (& Yourself) Beat the Winter Blues

    Authors: Audelia DeCosta, LCSW & Erin Grady, PhD The Pacific Northwest is known for its many amazing qualities: the outdoors, mountain snow, beautiful coasts, and miles and miles of forests. It is also famous for its rainy, cold, and grey winter. So it’s … Continue reading

  • FREE Workshop: Learn how to build resilience in your family!

    JOIN US! March 6th or March 10th Metropolitan Pediatrics invites you to participate in a FREE event that teaches easy ways to build resilience in your family. This program was developed by the Children’s Health Foundation, child psychologist Dr. Amy … Continue reading

  • Ready for Exclusion Day?

    Do you know if your child’s immunizations are up-to-date? In a few days, your answer to that question could really affect your child’s schedule (and yours, too). Vaccine Exclusion Day is February 21st this year. Children who are not current on … Continue reading

  • Happy Valley Welcomes Dr. Lincoln!

    Happy Valley is excited to announce the addition of Dr. Douglas Lincoln to their team. Although he’s new to 9300 SE 91st Avenue, he’s not new to Metropolitan Pediatrics. He’s been with our Northwest team since July 2016, and is … Continue reading

  • MORE Good Day Oregon: Childhood Obesity

    In this segment, Dr. Beau Weill discusses childhood obesity and the factors contributing to this growing problem in the U.S.

  • Constipation Frustration: A Dietary Approach to Your Child’s Bathroom Woes

    Many parents worry that their child is not going to the bathroom enough and may wonder what they should do if their child is constipated. There are many things you can do as a parent to help with constipation! What … Continue reading

  • Promoting Positive Behavior in Your Preschool-Aged Child

    Do you have a preschooler at home? Then like me, you know what a roller coaster ride it can be! One moment your child is writing you love letters and the next they are having an epic meltdown in the … Continue reading

  • MORE Good Day Oregon: Vaccines

    In this segment, Dr. Lori Anderson discusses what’s in vaccines and why and debunks some common myths.

  • Meningococcal B Outbreak at OSU

    Six Oregon State University (OSU) students have confirmed cases of meningococcal disease. In response, OSU is requiring all Corvallis campus students 25 and younger to begin meningococcal B vaccination by February 15, 2018. Per Oregon law, vaccination during an outbreak … Continue reading

  • FamilyCare Closing in January

    Dear Patients & Families, As many of you have heard, FamilyCare, a longstanding partner of Metropolitan Pediatrics, has issued a statement that it will close its doors in January 2018. While this is alarming, and certainly concerning to the covered … Continue reading

  • Steps to Food Acceptance: A Practical Guide for Helping Your Picky Eater

    Chances are your child doesn’t love every food he tries — and that’s normal! But when picky eating becomes a problem, this practical step-by-step guide will help your child transition from food avoidance to food acceptance. Step 1: Choose a new … Continue reading

  • How to Make the Grade When It Comes to School Lunches

    “I had pizza.” “I don’t like school lunch.” “I didn’t eat lunch.” Do these words sound familiar? As parents, you want your kids to eat healthy foods, yet this goal becomes difficult when nearly a quarter of their meals are … Continue reading

  • MORE Good Day Oregon: Concussions

    In this segment, Dr. Sara Murdick discusses concussions and what you should do if you suspect your child or teen has

  • Raising Healthy Eaters

    To raise healthy eaters, consider adopting the Division of Responsibility when feeding your children. The Division of Responsibility clearly separates and defines the mealtime responsibilities of both the parent and child. Parents are responsible for what, when, and where eating … Continue reading

  • Las Vegas Tragedy: Children & Traumatic Events

    The events that have unfolded within the last 24 hours have been both tragic and confusing. When trauma strikes on such a large scale, it is difficult to shelter our children from the images and stories portrayed in the media, … Continue reading

  • Seeking Full-time Pediatrician (Happy Valley, OR)

    Metropolitan Pediatrics, a 5 Star Medical Home serving Portland and surrounding communities, is seeking a passionate and enthusiastic board-certified/board-eligible pediatrician for our growing Happy Valley practice. With four locations featuring 30+ providers and a staff of more than 150 support … Continue reading

  • FREE ½ Mile Kids Run @ Blue Lake Park | 10.14.17

    Run with us! WHEN: Saturday, 10/14/17 @ 9:30 AM WHERE: Blue Lake Park  |  20500 NE Marine Dr, Fairview, OR 97024

  • MORE Good Day Oregon: PRIDE Skills

    In this segment, Dr. Erin Grady discusses PRIDE skills and how to incorporate them into special playtime with your child.

  • Air Quality Advisory for Northwest Oregon

    For the past week, Oregonians have watched and grieved as the Eagle Creek fire claimed more than 30,000 acres of treasured landscapes. In addition to emotional devastation, many of us are physically suffering from the smoky, ash-filled air. Just yesterday … Continue reading

  • Seeking Chief Medical Officer (Beaverton, OR)

    Are you a physician executive who is looking to lead an innovative, mission-driven pediatric practice in a fast-growing and innovative area? Our thirty-provider, four-site, pediatric 5 STAR patient-centered medical home practice is looking for a seasoned clinician-executive who has the … Continue reading

  • Air Quality Advisory in Portland

    Notice the haze outside this morning? We have wildfire smoke from British Columbia and parts of Oregon to thank for that. With Portland’s current Air Quality Index (AQI) rating at 177, it’s now considered unhealthy for everyone to breathe. Check … Continue reading

  • Oregon’s Total Eclipse

    Photo Credit: Courtesy Mark Margolis / Rainbow Symphony On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will darken skies across the U.S. (from Oregon to South Carolina) along a 70-mile-wide path. Within this “path of totality,” the sun will completely … Continue reading

  • MORE Good Day Oregon: Screen Time

    In their daytime TV debut, Drs. Antwon Chavis and Katie Cotterell discuss the risks and benefits of screen time, and

  • Sports Physical or Well Check: Is one better than the other?

    If your child or teen plans to participate in fall sports, now’s the time to schedule a well check. When we say well check, we don’t mean a sports physical – the two are actually quite different. Let’s go over … Continue reading

  • Recommended Insect Repellents

    žWhen used as directed, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered insect repellents are safe and effective for children as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women. Learn more about using insect repellents safely and effectively here. Our pediatricians and advice staff are also … Continue reading

  • Parent Advisory Spotlight

    In 2010 when my family and I moved from California to Oregon, I was lost in so many ways. I had moved to a new state for my husband’s job to a place where I knew no one. My two … Continue reading

  • Zika Virus

    Key Facts Zika virus disease is caused by a virus transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes. People with Zika virus disease usually have symptoms that can include mild fever, skin rashes, conjunctivitis, muscle and joint pain, malaise, or headache. These symptoms normally … Continue reading

  • Back to School Presentation

    Is your child’s school year off to a rocky start? The back-to-school transition period can be challenging for parents and children alike. In this informative presentation, we’ll discuss how to manage school anxiety and help your child build friendships, what … Continue reading

  • First Pediatric Practice in Oregon to Earn STAR Patient-Centered Primary Care Home Designation

    Metropolitan Pediatrics Northwest recently received the state’s first STAR rating for a pediatric practice from the Oregon Health Authority. Metropolitan Pediatrics is pleased to announce that its Northwest Office has received STAR Patient-Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH) recognition from the … Continue reading

  • Epic is coming…

    While we make this change… Some printouts might look different. We may ask you to fill out forms that you have completed before. We may ask you to re-sign electronic documents that you have signed on paper in the past. We may temporarily have extra staff in the … Continue reading

  • What’s up with the color PURPLE, doc?

    April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and here at MP, this is near and dear to our hearts. As parents, pediatricians, and humans, we want all kids to be safe and happy in environments free from abuse. What does PURPLE have … Continue reading

  • What’s up with my teen being so tired all the time, doc?

    We all know life can be rough when we don’t get enough sleep. This holds true from infancy into adulthood. Newer studies are examining what lack of sleep does to the teenager specifically, and surprise, surprise… teens need more sleep! … Continue reading

  • What’s up with meningitis, doc?

    Meningitis, an infection in the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord, is scary stuff! You have likely heard about the current outbreak of bacterial meningitis at the University of Oregon (since January, one student has died and five others have become … Continue reading

  • What’s up with the measles, doc?

    Not-so-happiest-place-on-earth? The current explosion in media coverage regarding the measles, vaccination, and complications of the disease is directly related to an outbreak traced back to the theme park where most of us have fond childhood memories, Disneyland. As of the … Continue reading

  • Vaccine Exclusion Day

     Vaccine Exclusion Day is just around the corner! Oregon requires that all children in public and private schools, preschools, Head Start programs, and certified child care facilities have up-to-date immunizations, or have a medical or nonmedical exemption. ♥  Required vaccines for the … Continue reading

  • KATU Everyday Heroes: Project Erase

    For many of our pediatricians, patient care doesn’t stop when they leave the office. Our doctors can often be found volunteering

  • Child Passenger Safety

    As fellow parents, we know that keeping our children safe is a huge responsibility and priority! That’s why we recommend that they ride rear-facing until at least age 2, or until the maximum height and weight requirements for their respective … Continue reading

  • Polio Advisory for International Travel

    In response to the recent spread of polio in several countries, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a public health advisory, urging international travelers to seek vaccination. According to the CDC, “anyone planning travel to a polio-affected … Continue reading

  • Reassuring Children After Tragedy

    Nothing hurts more profoundly than the tragic loss of young life. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Hoffman family and all of the students, staff, and parents of Reynolds High School. May the love and support of those around … Continue reading

  • How does Parent-Child Interaction Therapy work?

    Sitting behind a one-way mirror, I coach the parent via an “ear bug” audio device, guiding them through strategies that

  • How can Parent-Child Interaction Therapy help prevent child abuse?

    Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) reduces risk of child abuse by encouraging positive interaction between parent and child and training parents

  • What is Parent-Child Interaction Therapy?

    Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is a family-centered treatment approach proven effective for children, ages 2 to 7, and their caregivers.

  • 2014 Child Abuse Prevention PSA

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that

  • Treating the Whole Person

    Better care made possible by Metropolitan Pediatrics and FamilyCare: An interview featuring our Care Manager, Amy Smith, FamilyCare member, Kenny

  • Perhaps the scariest part of Halloween…

    Halloween Candy Safety Step 1: Examine all candy prior to letting your child have at it, and throw out anything that isn’t commercially wrapped! Step 2: Look for any signs of tampering: unusual appearance or discoloration tiny pinholes tears in wrapper Discard anything … Continue reading

  • Meningococcal Meningitis

    Most cases of meningococcal meningitis could have been prevented! Don’t let your child or teen become another victim of this devastating disease—get your loved ones immunized! What is meningococcal meningitis? Meningococcal meningitis is a rare and potentially life-threatening bacterial infection, … Continue reading

  • Nobody Knew

    School nurses have joined together as Voices of Meningitis to reach parents with an important message: although rare, meningococcal disease

  • Get in the Game featuring Dara Torres

    School nurses have joined together as Voices of Meningitis to reach parents with an important message: although rare, meningococcal disease

  • The ABCs of Sleeping

    Source Melissa Gendron, MSc, Project Coordinator, Corkum LABS, Dalhousie University.

  • 2013 Child Abuse Prevention PSA

    Of all the stories covered on the news, child abuse stories often have the most tragic endings. That’s

  • Child Abuse Prevention & Early Detection

    Early prevention and detection is an essential component of ensuring a child’s well-being, both in physical and mental health.

  • Shaken Baby Syndrome

    Abusive Head Trauma is another term for Shaken Baby Syndrome. This is a kind of child abuse that occurs when

  • Hepatitis A: FAQ

    What is hepatitis A? Hepatitis A is a liver disease that ranges in severity from a mild sickness lasting a few weeks to a severe sickness persisting for several months. Most people who contract hepatitis A recover completely. In rare … Continue reading

  • Supporting Children After Natural Disasters

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families impacted by the recent storms in Oklahoma. At Metropolitan Pediatrics, we understand that severe weather is distressing not only for those who experience it firsthand, but also for those … Continue reading

  • Healthy Kids Day & Health Fair

    Metropolitan Pediatrics is a proud sponsor of Movin’ It with Mrs. Oregon, a non-profit organization that supports family health education and pediatric obesity prevention. The non-profit, founded by Mrs. Oregon 2013 – a nurse at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, … Continue reading

  • Summer Sports Physicals

    Children and teens attending summer camp or playing sports are usually required to have a physical exam, as well as a physician-signed release for participation. If you have had a comprehensive physical in the last year, you do not need … Continue reading

  • Screen Time: Why do we care?

    A 2010 Kaiser report* showed that our children, on average, spend more than 7 hours per day in front of screens – watching TV, playing video games, using computers, and accessing other media. When multitasking is included, this time exceeds 12 hours … Continue reading

  • Boston Tragedy – Children & Traumatic Events

    The events that have unfolded over the course of this past week have been both tragic and confusing. When trauma strikes on such a large scale, it is difficult to shelter our children from the images and stories portrayed in … Continue reading

  • Increasing Cooperation in Young Children

    Set Expectations Parents should determine acceptable versus unacceptable behaviors, and communicate these expectations to their child. A reward system can be developed based on these expectations, in which your child earns points for demonstrating positive behaviors. It should be relatively easy … Continue reading

  • Spring Break is here!

    Looking for something fun to do during Spring Break? We have a few ideas… No matter what you decide to do, be safe and enjoy family time!

  • Attn: Oregonians – Skin Cancer is Largely Preventable

    Oregon ranks fourth in the nation for our high mortality rate from melanoma, the most aggressive skin cancer: It’s responsible for 75% of all skin cancer deaths [source: CDC]. Frequent cool and overcast days may give Oregonians a false sense of … Continue reading

  • Supporting Children After a Tragedy

    We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to those involved in the Clackamas Town Center shooting. Our thoughts and prayers are with all members of our community as we work together to heal from this tragedy. During times of … Continue reading

  • Getting Active Indoors

    There are many ways to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine, even when it is cold or rainy outside. Indoor swimming pools and gyms (basketball and tennis courts) can be great options, but also consider these ideas that can … Continue reading

  • Confirmed Case of Measles in Woodland, WA

    Measles is a highly contagious illness. Infected children tend to be contagious for a couple days prior to developing symptoms until several days following the appearance of measles’ characteristic rash. If you suspect your child has contracted measles, keep him … Continue reading

  • Asthma – Start the school year off right!

    The start of school is always a busy time, but it’s a particularly important time of year for those with asthma. Asthma flares are common in the first month or two of school for many children. For some, fall allergens … Continue reading

  • Breastfeeding Concerns

    Although experts agree that breastfeeding is the best option for babies, it does come with its own set of challenges. While some mothers and babies adapt to it easily, others struggle with the technique. However, with patience and persistence, you’ll … Continue reading

  • To Breastfeed or Not To Breastfeed?

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that babies should be breastfed exclusively during the first 6 months of life. After that, breastfeeding is still encouraged, as much as possible, until babies are at least one year old. Although it … Continue reading

  • Healthy Sleep Habits: The Don’ts

    Avoid the following and you should be well on your way to a good night’s sleep! Don’t… Exercise just before going to bed. Engage in stimulating activity just before going to bed, such as playing a competitive game, watching an … Continue reading

  • Nightmares

    Occasional bad dreams are normal. On average, you dream 4 or 5 times each night – some dreams are pleasant, some are not. Dreams help the mind process complicated events or information. Nightmares usually relate to developmental challenges: toddlers have … Continue reading

  • Healthy Sleep Habits: The Dos

    The most common cause of insomnia is a change in your child’s daily routine. Traveling, a change in school hours, disruption of other behaviors (e.g., eating, exercise, leisure), and relationship conflicts can all cause sleep problems. Paying attention to good … Continue reading

  • Exercise: Where to Start

    As with making any changes, it is important to start with small, attainable goals and gradually increase activity based on those goals. Here are some possible ways to start making positive changes in your family’s physical activity plans. Walk or … Continue reading

  • Let’s All Get Moving!

    A major component of creating or maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your family and children is to include physical activity as a part of your daily routine, as well as to limit the amount of time children spend engaged in … Continue reading

  • Put on Your Pajamas and Head to Bed!

    Having trouble getting your little one to bed? Use the following tips to overcome bedtime resistance: Establish a relaxation routine. Allow your child some time to settle down before bed: read a story, listen to calming music, or enjoy a warm … Continue reading

  • Patient Portal Has Arrived!

    Metropolitan Pediatrics is pleased to announce the arrival of our Patient Portal, an easy-to-use website that allows secure online communication between you, your pediatrician, and your clinic. The Patient Portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing … Continue reading

  • Water Safety

    Metropolitan Pediatrics wishes you and your family fun and safe water adventures this summer! Protect your family this summer by taking water safety precautions. Remember: Never leave children unattended, even for an instant! A lifeguard or an adult with water rescue training … Continue reading

  • Welcome to Metropolitan Pediatrics

    Our team, Metropolitan Pediatrics, is committed to providing the highest level of pediatric care available in this, our community. Our care will be delivered in a compassionate atmosphere, and in a supportive manner, with the greatest of respect for the … Continue reading

  • Preventing Sunburn in Babies & Fair-skinned Children

    Infant skin is thinner and more sensitive to the sun than that of older children.  In general, babies younger than 6 months of age should be kept out of the sun; babies 6-months-old and older can wear sunblock.  Regardless of … Continue reading

  • Preventing Sunburn

    Sunburn is caused by overexposure of the skin to the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun or a sunlamp. Minor sunburn is a first-degree burn that turns the skin pink or red. Prolonged sun exposure can lead to blistering and … Continue reading