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Keeping My Child Healthy


Development & Behavior

Learn about your child’s development and behavior, discover how to respond during challenging moments of parenthood, find resources to help support your children, and more!

Flu Prevention

Annual flu vaccine information, flu clinic hours at each of our clinics, and the basics of seasonal influenza.

Healthy Living Blog

The key to healthy living is to make small changes: walk the dog a little farther, incorporate fruit into your after-school snack, or drink a glass of water instead of soda. This blog is dedicated to all of the little things that add up to a healthy lifestyle for your child and family!

Visit & Vaccine Schedule

Not sure what to expect at your son or daughter’s next Well Child Appointment? Find out here!

Teen Resources

Websites recommended by our providers to help support your adolescent.

Wellness Resources

Books and websites recommended by our providers to keep your family healthy!