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Sports Physical or Well Check: Is one better than the other?

If your child or teen plans to participate in fall sports, now’s the time to schedule a well check. When... Read more ›

Screen Time: Why do we care?

A 2010 Kaiser report* showed that our children, on average, spend more than 7 hours per day in front of... Read more ›

Spring Break is here!

Looking for something fun to do during Spring Break? We have a few ideas… [collapsibles][collapse title=”Parks & Recreation”] Spring break... Read more ›

Getting Active Indoors

There are many ways to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine, even when it is cold or rainy outside.... Read more ›

Exercise: Where to Start

As with making any changes, it is important to start with small, attainable goals and gradually increase activity based on... Read more ›

Let’s All Get Moving!

A major component of creating or maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your family and children is to include physical activity... Read more ›

New Patients

Thank you for choosing Metropolitan Pediatrics as your child’s Medical Home! Our physicians and staff are pleased to have the opportunity to build a relationship with you, your child, and family.

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