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Air Quality Advisory for Portland Metro Area & SW Washington

With wildfires blazing in nearly every direction, local air conditions have now reached unhealthy levels for everyone.

Yesterday the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and the Southwest Clean Air Agency issued an air quality advisory for the Portland metro area and SW Washington in effect until noon today. Conditions are expected to improve by this afternoon; however, smoke and haze will remain through the week.

How bad is the air around you? Check the air quality in your area. You can also check air conditions from your smart phone using the OregonAir app.

With smoke levels this high, even healthy people could be affected. Stay inside if you can. Keep windows and doors closed. Avoid frying or boiling food, which can affect indoor air quality. If you have to venture out, run your car’s air conditioning on recirculate mode to avoid pulling in smoky air. Small children, pregnant women, and those with heart and lung conditions should take extra care to avoid time outdoors until air quality improves.

Children with asthma should have a current and filled prescription for a rescue inhaler (ideally in advance of wildfire season). Outdoor exercise is especially risky right now, so if you must, really listen to your body and be aware of any respiratory issues. Contact your primary care provider if you are experiencing any airway concerns or distress. Our advice team is also available for any questions and to help determine whether an office visit is needed.

Stay safe, folks!