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All of our clinics offer the following services:

 Burn treatment (minor)
 Casting & cast removal
 Dental varnishing
 Developmental screening
 Drainage of skin abscesses
 Hearing & vision screening
 Laceration repair (stitches/sutures)
 Psychological testing
 Pulmonary (lung) function testing
 Removal of impacted cerumen (ear wax)
 Simple foreign body removal
 Splinting & splint removal
 Tuberculosis testing
 Tympanometry (tests middle-ear function)
 Wart treatment

All of our clinics offer the following on-site labs:

 Blood sugar testing
 Hemoglobin (anemia screening)
 Influenza A & B
 Lead level
 Pregnancy testing
 RSV (virus that causes respiratory tract infections)
 Rapid Strep

Some clinics perform:

 Circumcision – Gresham
 ImPACT® (Immediate Post-Concussion and Cognitive Testing)Westside
 Lactation consultations – Northwest
 Removal of ingrown toenails
 Parent-Child Interaction TherapyGresham, Northwest & Westside
 Pediatric Sports Medicine – Westside