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Alexander Lau, MD

Alexander Lau

“A pediatrician has the privilege of not only caring for children during times of illness, but also working with parents to understand and advocate for their child’s needs and overall wellness. Each child possesses their own special characteristics and grows up in a unique set of cultural, environmental, and economic circumstances. I enjoy working with kids and their families from all walks of life and being a part of the joys and challenges of growing up. I believe that pediatrics needs to be a constantly progressing field, and as every generation of children faces new challenges and opportunities, I hope to evolve my practice to incorporate advancements in medical care as well as changes in the way families live and thrive.”


As a college student, Dr. Lau spent one summer creating an unforgettable camp experience for kids and teens at UCLA. Alongside the campers, he learned so much, had a blast, and discovered the joys of working with children (even adolescents!). Some might say that fateful summer camp job was his first step in the direction of pediatrics.

In medical school, Dr. Lau once again found himself enjoying the company of children during his pediatric rotation. In a lightbulb moment, he realized that he empathized with kids at every age and developmental stage, and that empathy helped make him a more effective healthcare provider. He knew then that pediatrics was the specialty for him, and he’s only grown surer of his choice as time goes on.

People often think of pediatricians as only working with children, but they really work with entire families. Through collaboration with parents and caregivers, Dr. Lau builds close relationships with everyone involved in a child’s ongoing care. He really enjoys the team approach of pediatrics and feels honored to be included in the adventures of growing up.

A competitive swimmer in high school, Dr. Lau often returns to the pool to decompress. His other leisure pursuits include jogging, biking around town, cooking, reading a great book while sipping an equally satisfying cup of joe, and discovering new eats with his husband.

Dr. Lau has a keen interest in architecture, transportation, and the built environment. He is fascinated with how our neighborhoods and cities are built, the ways we get around town, and their direct influence on our health and quality of life.

  • Board Certified: American Board of Pediatrics
  • Education: MD – Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
  • Pediatric Internship: Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Torrance, CA
  • Pediatric Residency: Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Torrance, CA

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