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Riva says:
June 4, 2014 via Angie’s List

Dr. Willey is excellent. She is very friendly (she just gets babies) but, professional. She spends an adequate amount of time, answers all questions and is just a pleasure to have as his pediatrician. The staff at Metropolitan is also excellent. Every single person is friendly and professional. Just love them.”

Brianne says:
November 27, 2013 via Angie’s List

“We love doctor Stephanie! This office usually doesn’t run too terribly late, and they will let you know if the doctor is late. The office staff are very friendly and helpful. I have had to call after hours or to the advice nurse and it is nice to know you can always get ahold of someone, even on the 4th of July! Dr. Stephanie is knowledgeable and respectful. She never makes you feel rushed and makes sure to answer all of our questions. We would highly recommend her.”

Todd says:
February 7, 2013 via Angie’s List

“We have been using Dr. Anderson at Metropolitan Pediatrics since April of 2011. She is really good at explaining what we are there for, what procedures they are going to do, what things they are going to check, and going over our different options. We had a lot of questions about the vaccine schedule and my older child had some a sum of health issues that she took her time to walk us through options for care.”

Gail says:
September 19, 2013 via Angie’s List

Dr. Mooney has been our pediatrician for four years. She is warm and loving with my girls and pays attention and asks follow up questions of me. She is thorough, available, timely and I can’t imagine my girls with anyone else.”

Anonymous says:
January 2013 via Google

Dr. Barsotti was MY pediatrician when I was little, and now he is my daughter’s. Why did I choose him for my daughter? Because he is the most well qualified, excellent doctor I’ve ever known. I have Hereditary Angioedema, diagnosed at age 12, one of the hardest things to diagnose back then. And he got it spot on, and because of that he probably saved my life. I trust him with my life and I trust him with my daughter’s life. He is so compassionate, and will listen to my concerns without rushing me and without interrupting me. He always does what is best for my daughter and she likes him, which says a lot.”

Susanne says:
December 2, 2009 via Angie’s List

“I took my granddaughter here to have her looked at for pneumonia. When I called to describe her symptoms, the doctor advised to have her brought in right away. They gave her a nebulizer treatment. After listening to her lungs, they confirmed that she had first H1N1 that turned into bacterial pneumonia. I explained everything to the doctor and she took one look at my daughter and exclaimed that she had dark circles under her eyes. If I had stayed with my former doctor, I know we would have been in the hospital. This office is very reliable and they have weekend hours. There is a doctor present on Saturday and Sunday on call until 2PM. This is also a co-op practice where each physician owns a part of the practice, instead of having 2 principals who own and run the place. This is a wonderful office and I will continue to use them in the future.”

Heidi says:
October 15, 2008 via Angie’s List

Dr. Barsotti is incredibly calm, confident and knowledgeable. He inspires confidence as well. He is very good at listening to a parents concern and not minimizing it. He also has a good sense of how to explain something in a way that a parent could then turn around and use. Their practice is very accessible. I don’t have to wait and they are very good about follow up calls. They provide a lot of access and are able to easily get you in if your kid is sick. He has given me the best advice since I have been a parent. He told me if you enjoy your baby you don’t have to do anything special.”

Erin says:
May 27, 2014 via our website

Dr. Meyer has been an outstanding pediatric doctor to work with and we highly recommend her to other parents, especially first time parents. There has never been a worry she didn’t take care of or educate my husband and me about. She is extremely warm and loving to our daughter and very professional. On two separate occasions she has proved to us our daughter’s care is her first priority. On the first occasion when my daughter was a newborn and seemed to have some abnormal symptoms, after observing her, she wasn’t afraid to bring in a second doctor to confirm her opinion and then take it one step further and order an x-ray to ensure the safety of our daughter. We were very pleased with her thoroughness and attention to detail. On the second occasion when my daughter was extremely sick, she called after hours multiple nights to check in and ensure we didn’t need to be admitted to the hospital, even after seeing us earlier in the day. She makes my husband and me feel like she is a partner in parenting and not just a doctor. We look forward to every wellness visit and hope she is recognized for her choice to go above and beyond!”

Jenni says:
October 2013 via Google

“This is the best group of doctors. Very caring. I have been with them for over 18 years! Best of the best: Dr. Burton!”

Stacey says:
July 9, 2013 via Yelp

“We’ve been patients at the NW office since 2002. We started with Dr. Wagner (who was awesome) and when she left we switched to Dr. Burton. What I like about Dr. Burton is that her focus is my child. She asks me questions, but more importantly asks my child questions and fosters communication with the kids so that they can be informed consumers of health care. When my daugther had a tonsillectomy, Dr. Burton visited her in the hospital and called me every day for 5 days to check in. She gave me her cell phone number.  My favorite back-up MD is Dr. Elia. He is great with the kids and parents.”

Mandy says:
June 12, 2013 via Angie’s List

“My daughter’s pediatrician is Dr. Aishwarya Deenadayalu. She is just great. She is very easy to talk to. She is great with kids and very understanding.”

Jim says:
May 20, 2013 via Angie’s List

Dr. Lickteig is very friendly and knowledgeable and my family loves her. The front desk staff isn’t super warm and there can be LONG waits to see Dr. Lickteig, which can be frustrating. Overall worth it, though.”

Kara says:
May 16, 2013 via Angie’s List

Dr. Meyer is our pediatrician for both kids, 6 and 2, and we think she is great, and enjoy this clinic overall.”

MK says:
March 21, 2013 via Yelp

“We’ve been going to Metropolitan Pediatrics for three years now. Our youngest was born at Good Sam and we ended up liking Metro so much that we switched our older son over {from OHSU Gabriel Park}.Dr. Meyer is our primary and she is amazing, but we’ve seen all the doctors int he practice except the newest one {a guy I think} and have had good and respectful visits with all of them. I’ve heard from others that they’ve felt judged based on not breastfeeding or working, etc. by some of the providers, but we both work full-time and did not breastfeed long at all and have never felt judged.I don’t think that the wait times are ever that bad {at Gabriel Park you would always wait at least 30 minutes and then maybe another 15 in the exam room}.I would encourage folks to give them another try since over the course of the last year I’ve seen some significant changes in terms of front desk professionalism and respect, wait times are very short and they have added an online chart and request system where you can view appointments, contact your doctor, request immunization records, etc.What I like most about it of course is that the people are so nice. All the nurses are very sweet and friendly. Dr. Meyer treats both my boys like they are a joy to see and as if she genuinely enjoys them.My encouragement is to go in with your own questions and not expect them to offer you an overabundance of extra information unless you ask, but I think that this is typical of all services where they are trying to see a lot of people in one day.Also, the nurse help line is amazing and so helpful for parents of young kiddos. A lifesaver for us.”

Boyd says:
February 26, 2013 via Angie’s List

“Metropolitan Pediatrics is the practice of our pediatrician, Dr. Erika Meyer. We were last there for a walk-in appointment. We really like her being that she really cares. Last year, when our child was really sick, she called after hours and visited her in the hospital and gave her some time. She made sure that we got the best service provided and that everything was fine. She called some doctor friends of hers to see what else could be done to help my daughter. One of the doctors at the practice is always there but Dr. Meyer fills up very often so sometime we have to see someone else.”

Karie says:
January 21, 2013 via Angie’s List

Had a meet and greet with Dr. Burton and have decided to choose her for my daughter’s pediatrician. She was very professional, warm, understanding and I like her philosophy on children’s medicine. Looking forward to seeing her once my little one arrives. Great practice.”

Aarati says:
September 14, 2015 via our website

“The best pediatrics care ever seen. I love Dr. Rydell’s approach to patient care. She is thorough at the same time very easy approach, I see her both for my son and newborn. My son loves her. She was recommended by my close friend and i am very satisfied and relieved that my kids are under her care. She is very calm and reassuring at the same time prompt and thorough. Assistant Christine is excellent in giving shots and Dr. Rydell’s assistant Kathy is so personable and reassuring. All the oncall drs Dr. Moshofsky specially Dr. Neace, Late Dr. Karen, Dr. Murdick have been very very nice. Specially Dr. Moshofsky and Dr. Neace. Very nice conservative doctors. I am very happy with this clinic. Front desk has been very warm and personable and prompt in giving appointments. Never had issues with billings what more can you ask for??”

Tasha says:
August 25, 2015 via our website

“Every appointment is great! Dr. McClellan always goes above & beyond whenever we have a session with her. Our little guy looks forward to his ‘special play time’ at her office each week! 🙂 My only not 100% are occasional wait time on the phone to make an appointment but it’s greatly improved from previous years & scheduling availability. I wish every location had the ability to do PCIT classes! 🙂 Thank you to all of the staff for the great service! It’s always a pleasure to come into the clinic. 🙂 “

Chera says:
September 29, 2014 via our website

Dr. Rydell has been seeing both of my girls since they were little and they are now 15 and 12. She recently saw my older daughter, Maija, after she passed out, fell down and hit her head. I was able to get right in avoiding an urgent care visit with an unknown provider. She took ample time to assess Maija and treat her even though it was not a planned appointment in her already busy day. As always, she listened and worked with us to develop a plan of care. She had us come in for a follow up appointment later in the week and then called us herself the following week to check in. She has always validated Maija’s concerns as well as mine, acknowledging what is important to us. She has always followed through with us which I so appreciate. She is a gem whom we are very thankful for!!”

Shelby says:
July 28, 2014 via our website

“I love recommending people to Dr. Murdick when looking for a physician for their children. She is energetic, personable, outgoing, caring, thorough, loving, and overall a wonderful doctor. I am glad I found her for my son!”

Amy says:
June 4, 2014 via Angie’s List

Dr. Moshofsky is completely in-tune to the parents concerns and questions. He is so informative. Great DR.”

Sarah says:
June 3, 2014 via Angie’s List

“My boys get the honor of being ‘grandpatients’ as the doctors call them – children of original patients. Dr. Moore was my pediatrician, so when I became a parent I knew I had to have Dr. Moore as my kids’ pediatrician as well. She’s a very good doctor. It’s nice that she doesn’t over react. If something is not a big deal, she will not make it into one. She also takes things very seriously and will run tests, etc. when needed. What can I say? That’s exactly what I’d hope for from a good doctor. She’s nice and communicates well. I’m definitely very pleased and glad to have had her help me through childhood and now my children, too.”

Amy says:
May 11, 2014 via our website

Dr Moshofsky is such a special, kind and caring man! My children think the world of him. He totally explains everything and takes his time! I can’t imagine going anywhere else!!!!”

Brent says:
September 23, 2013 via Angie’s List

“We really like Dr. Moore. She really takes good care of us. My daughter has asthma and Dr. Moore handles everything really well. She is great at explaining things to us.”

Ericka says:
May 31, 2013 via Angie’s List

“Awesome! Dr. Weill is amazing at explaining things and he has an excellent medical assistant who is patient and kind. There was not a single negative thing that happened during our appointment!”

Alicia says:
May 22, 2013 via Yelp

“Both of my children, now 21 years old and 16 years, have come here for years. They have seen Dr. Rydell who is hilarious, warm and thorough in her explanations, diagnosis and treatments.  My daughter was sad when she finally had to find an adults’ physician. The front desk employees have always been easy to work with, and calling in to speak with a nurse usually gets a prompt response. You may end up waiting at times but they are good about squeezing you in if there is something that is really needed, so if you are willing to accept that as a trade off. We love them there and are grateful for the services  we have received there over the many years.”

Jennifer says:
March 25, 2013 via Angie’s List

“We had a well child check up for our 4 month old. Dr. Murdick is really great with our baby. She is kind and patient. She sits down during our appointment and listens to all of our concerns or questions and she answers them thoughtfully. I appreciate this because I don’t feel like I am rushed for her time and attention.  She focuses fully on us and our baby.”

Kimberly says:
March 25, 2013 via Angie’s List

“Well-Child check-up for both of my children. (My kids are 9 and 12.) Dr. Moore is great at speaking directly to them. She was thorough and LISTENED. She is knowledgeable and sufficiently warm. I have confidence in her competence.”

Andrew says:
January 2013 via Google

Dr. Moshofsky is probably one of the greatest doctors I have ever met. His is a kind man who absolutely cares about his patients.”

Ilene says:
July 3, 2012 via Angie’s List

Dr. Moshofsky is just really nice and good with the kids. We have seen a couple of different people within the practice and they all have been pretty good. My kids have been going there since they were infants. For a while they had to close the practice and couldn’t accept new patients but I think they are open again and they moved to a different facility as they are expanding.”

Brent says:
June 5, 2012 via Angie’s List

Dr. Moore is my pediatrics primary care doctor. She is very good, and we love her. She is very attentive, has a great bedside manner, and answers all your questions. She also doesn’t make you feel stupid when you ask questions. The nurses are very good there too. They will call you back right away. She is like a family friend to us. The office is very busy.”

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