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Parent Advisory Spotlight

In 2010 when my family and I moved from California to Oregon, I was lost in so many ways. I had moved to a new state for my husband’s job to a place where I knew no one. My two sons, then 2 and 4, were young and I was trying to navigate my new surroundings by myself as my husband traveled for his work.

I enrolled my boys in preschool and the first thing I needed was a new pediatrician. My youngest son has a medical condition that needed to be monitored, so I began asking other preschool parents who they would recommend. Metropolitan Pediatrics was highly recommended, and I scheduled my first appointment.

At the time, I had no idea that the first appointment with Dr. Weill was the start of my Metropolitan Pediatrics story. It is a story that I am still continuing to write as the years go by.

I was a stay at home mom with two boys, each of them with their own unique challenges. I navigated many systems in the medical world with the help of my pediatrician and the Medical Home team.

Metropolitan Pediatrics was my primary source of support for those first years as I was building my personal support network. Naturally in 2013 when I saw that the clinic was starting a Parent Advisory Committee, I wanted to be a part of it.

I was honored to be a part of the first group of parents to join the Medical Home team at Metropolitan Pediatrics. I loved that I could be a voice for other parents.  Over the year that I was a parent advisor, we gave our input on workflow implementation, adolescent well visits, handouts and letters sent to families, and were able to really be a part of the clinic.

My story doesn’t end there.

As a parent advisor, I was able to see how the core values of Metropolitan Pediatrics were carried out by the staff and how at the heart of the work was a mission to really provide quality care for families.

Today, I am still a part of the Medical Home at Metropolitan Pediatrics. I was able to step into the role of social worker for the Westside clinic and continue to work to provide quality care for families.

We are currently looking for parents to join our Parent Advisory Committee. This is an amazing opportunity to bring your experience and passion for your children and their care to positively impact not only your family, but many others!

Submit your application today and join us in making a difference in your child’s healthcare!