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Air Quality Advisory for Northwest Oregon

For the past week, Oregonians have watched and grieved as the Eagle Creek fire claimed more than 30,000 acres of treasured landscapes. In addition to emotional devastation, many of us are physically suffering from the smoky, ash-filled air. Just yesterday the National Weather Service issued an Air Quality Advisory for Northwest Oregon in effect through noon Friday.

Air quality is expected to improve in the Portland metro area by the end of the week. Thank you, wind and humidity!

For now, it’s best to stay indoors—in an air-conditioned space—when you can. Save outdoor exercise for a later date. If you have to go out, recirculate your car’s air conditioning to limit exposure to smoky air. Infants, children, and those with heart and lung conditions are advised to avoid time outside, if possible.

Watch this video from the Oregon Public Health Division about more ways to Stay Healthy When the Air is Smoky.

How bad is the air around you? Check the air quality in your area. Don’t see your city? Search by zip code at the top of the page for your local air quality station’s most recent data.